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We connect China Digital Platforms with
Google Data Studio and Microsoft’s PowerBI in Real Time

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Adeqo Data offers Data as a Service for China Media, parses Real Time from China Channels into BI Systems and offers Intelligence and Reporting via Google Data Studio and MSFT BI.

Product Intelligence

A few minor adjustments of your data and inventory can greatly increase your sales and decrease your costs. Analyze your performance data and optimize your products all in one place with Adeqo Products.Product Intelligence is a very important element: Adeqo PI integrates Google Analytics which imports the performance data of your products straight into a Google Data Studio and / or Microsoft BI.

Robust Data Centers to View Product performance on product

Adeqo PI allows you to narrow down and view the performance of your products on product level. This means you can view the data of each product highlighting your best performing products and the least performing ones. In addition, you also have the freedom to group your products based on brand or category level. Doing this can give broader overview and clarify overall performance.

What Adeqo Product Intelligence can do for you


Transform data into visuals to allow better understanding of your data.
Customize dashboards to display your data enabling you to tell your story with a variety of visual tools.


We can connect your data from a variety of sources, from live connections to extracted data.
Data sources can be from databases, flat files, Google, Microsoft, social media, and advertising platforms.


Combine data from multiple sources and platforms to generate a comprehensive report.
Share valuable insights via live dashboards and interactive reporting tools.

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Successfully navigating the world of online advertising in China
has been our mission for 8 years. With its market value poised to double in
the up-coming years, China is on the path to becoming the world’s
largest advertising-market. We offer to transform your global business
ambitions into a reality via Adeqo. Contact us to request a demo.

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